Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Electing Cremation in Wisconsin

In March 2008, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed into law 2007 Wisconsin Act 58 (Assembly Bill 305). Codified in Section 154.30 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the law allows an individual, during life, to appoint a representative to carry-out funeral and disposition arrangements. One important new right under the law is that it allows a person, during life, to indicate his or her desire to be cremated. Until this law passed, this was not an option, often opening the door for a person's loved ones to disregard the deceased's wishes.

Form DPH 0086, Authorization for Disposition, is available on the Department’s web site. The document allows an individual to express special directions concerning religious observances and, making suggestions about arrangements for viewing, memorial services, graveside service, or other last rite rituals.

In a time of increased interest in all things green, and frugal, this law is a wonderful addition to Wisconsin statutes. A person can now secure his or her desire to be burried, or have other funeral wishes followed, in an easy and affordable manner.

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