Friday, August 1, 2008

Right to Die

News out of Italy once again aims a spotlight on how a person can express his or her feelings about being kept alive if they fall into a vegetative state. Just like Terry Shivao’s case, this young women appears not have had the appropriate paperwork in place.

In Wisconsin, a person can complete a “living will” otherwise called a “declaration to physician” indicating his or her preferences about feeding tubes and other means of artificially prolonging life. Without such a document, the stage is set for disagreement and court fights.

Estate planning is about making sure your wishes are followed. By completing a “living will”, you can assume control of the situation, speaking through paperwork even when you are not able to verbally communicate. As this story, and too many others illustrate, no one is ever too young to ignore this important issue. Take control, and let your wishes be known.

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