Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Odd News Story - Buried With a Cell Phone

Sometimes it is nice to post a blurb that is on the humorous side, which is not all that easy to do when you write about illness, death, and taxes. But I came across this article on trends with burials.....more people are choosing to be buried with their cell phones. From an anthropological view point it is not odd for people to be buried with mementos. The headline just caught my attention.

As I've blogged about before, if you have specific burial wishes it is recommended that you coordinate with friends and loved ones now. In Wisconsin you can complete an Authorization For Final Disposition form where you nominate someone to be in charge of your funeral and you can leave specific instructions.


CJ said...

I wonder if there are any regulations regarding the amount of toxic items you can be buried with. The mobile phone battery has toxic chemicals. A lesser concern is lead in the solder and arsenic in the transistors. A single phone doesn't matter, but I wonder if there's an environmental risk of having many people burying multiple personal electronic gadgets all in the same burial area.

Kenya said...

Considering all the "crackberry" addicts, I am not surprised.