Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have a Story to Share?

The following ad came across on one of the blogs I monitor related to estate planning. Apparently CMJ Productions is developing a documentary on wills in America. I emailed the contact, and she promptly sent me her firm's web site. It looks legit, but I always recommend using caution when responding to internet ads. Here is the ad:

I'm a researcher working on a documentary series about people's first-hand experiences with a family will. The project is being produced for a major US broadcaster. The documentary explores various, unexpected family issues surrounding wills. We would like to showcase the powerful, true-life stories of family wills, in an effort to create a deeper awareness of the difficult subjects of legal wrangling, conflict, grief and deep-seeded dynamics that can often arise when the will of a loved one is read. If you're interested in helping others reach closure on their feelings concerning a past will, or want to make sense of your own experience with a will, I would be very interested to hear your personal story. Thank you very much for generously sharing your story with me. You can email me - Katherine - at:

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