Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rent After Death

Earlier I wrote a post titled Renting Fact, which discussed how a person is still responsible for paying rent after death. Sadly, a news story out of California shows how that fact plays out in reality. If you are working to close out a relatives estate, don't overlook the rent that might be owed. Hopefully the landlord involved would be more forgiving and cooperative than the one involved in this story.

When she died on Christmas Eve with eight members of her family, Alice Ortiz unwittingly broke the lease she held on an apartment in Upland.

Now the landlord, Broadstone Foothill Apartment Homes, wants its money, $2,821.23 in all, according to documents obtained Wednesday.

A Jan. 29, itemized invoice to Ortiz's survivors claims the dead woman's estate owes $1,655 to the apartment complex on North Central Avenue for "insufficient notice to vacate."

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