Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Minutes Matter

I borrowed this post title from the cover story in today's Cap Times. Fast Action Saves a Madison Toddler From Potentially Fatal Brain Injury is a compelling story, and one I think all parents should read. As the mother of a 8 month old, I naturally worry about falls and tumbles. While serious injury is rare, I encourage readers to take the time to read this article. It even mentions Garrison Keillor's brother, who I recently wrote about in Garrison Keillor In Madison to Honor Brother. Investing a few minutes in reading the article will help you understand when a minor fall may have severe implications.

Reading these stories made my legal mind kick into action, knowing that too many people do not have their powers of attorney completed or updated. Accidents happen. We never know when a lazy morning will turn into a life threatening situation. You can never be fully prepared, but you can make sure that you have completed the documents stating who should make your decisions for you if you cannot. If you have questions about this process, be certain to talk with an attorney who focuses on estate planning and related issues.

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