Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pet Trust Star Trek Style

Gene Roddenberry's widow, Majel, recently died and set up a pet trust. Yes, it is another high profile, high funded trust. This one leaves $4 million to her dogs. And the son of Gene and Majel, well he is well taken care of as well. For more details, click here. My husband is a huge Star Trek fan, and is delighted that the latest movie opens on his birthday. We've already bought tickets, so in a way, we are doing our bit to make sure the creator of Star Trek's dogs stay living in the manner they have grown accustomed to.

Pet trusts are not just for the rich and famous. Whether you need a trust to care for a pet after your death, or not, planning for the care of an animal is very important. Too many shelter animals arrive because of an untimely nursing home admission or death. Please take the time to consider who should take over for you if you cannot conitune on as your pet's guardian.

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