Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Importance of Precision

The other night I had a run-of-the mill conversation with my husband, an electrical engineer, about giving Tylenol to our 5 month old daughter. I said "she is due for another dose in 10 minutes". To which he responded, "10 minutes? -- the tolerance cannot be that tight on a dose of medicine". Then he launched into his reasoning, which is posted on his blog for those interested.

Precision -- to him 10 minutes was an absurd limit -- he with the scientist mind. To me, 10 minutes means 10 minutes. As an estate planning attorney, precision is, well precise. Today I had 4 different sets of clients sign their final papers. My job was to orchestrate the signings and to make sure every line was signed and dated -- no omissions, no oversights, precise. Often clients agonize over the wording of a sentence. And yes, wills need to be worded clearly. However, clients often overlook the importance of making sure paperwork is signed and dated properly. No matter how beautifully written is, it if is not signed properly, it is not valid.

My husband knows I'm "type A" -- and if the bottle says no meds for another 10 minutes, I'll wait. For him, it is a bit frustrating. For my clients, it is necessary. When looking for an attorney, ask him or her, how precise are they as they go about life?

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