Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacationing Without the Children

As a mother of young children, I read a lot of parenting material. As an estate planning attorney, I read countless articles on wills and other important documents. Recently I came across a blog post that fell into both categories; proper legal planning when mom and dad are going on a solo vacation. Written by Attorney Rania Combs of Texas as a guest post on Attorney Daneille G. Van Ess' blog, it is a concise list of steps you may want to add to your vacation to-do list.

  • update your will or create one so that a guardian for minor children is listed. Without one, the courts would decide;
  • create a health care authorization for your children -- if you are away, who has permission to get the medical attention if needed;
  • create a list of important names, numbers, and accounts -- doctor, health insurance company, hospital your family uses, how to reach you on vacation;
  • and make sure people can access said documents.
I have yet to travel sans children, but when I do, this information will be useful.

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