Monday, March 3, 2014

An App You Can Use To Distribute TPP

T.P.P. -- in the world of estate planning it means your tangible personal property.  Basically it is your "stuff". From a wedding ring to the family piano, anything you can pick up and carry.  And when you leave your earthly word behind, the question becomes -- where will my TPP go?

During a client meeting last week this topic came up, as it often does.  I gave my standard response, "use the inventory template I provide but be very specific, imagine telling a stranger what item you mean, where it is located, and who should receive it -- you cannot be too specific."  The wife asked "would pictures be wise?"  My response, "yes!".  And then the husband said --"use Encirle, an app on the phone!"  A few minutes later he'd emailed me the link.

Marketed for protecting again loss from theft, it would also be an easy way to go through your home and document what you want to go and to whom.  My cautious legal mind says the app would document the written instructions one has already left, not stand alone.  But check with your attorney for his or her opinion. Remember, a blog is a place for sharing of ideas not the dispensing legal advice.

If you have a creative way to leave specific instructions on what should happen to your TPP when your time comes, take a moment and leave a comment.  And thanks for reading.

Our "stuff" -- it may not have a large dollar value, but emotional value can be priceless.  
Author's fridge with children's artwork -- priceless!

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