Monday, July 22, 2019

When the Dead Outnumber the Living on Facebook

Pop quiz:  What year (estimated) will the dead outnumber the living on Facebook?
A)   2070
B)   2056
C)   2031
D)   2103

Click on this link to find the answer.  If the link is broken, the answer will be at the bottom of this post. 

The year itself is not the point, but rather the concept of all the digital data / refuse that will linger in cyber space long after our earthly years have come to an end.  Many Americans already feel smothered by piles of paper, cheap plastic toys kids bring home from birthday parties, and closets full of clothing from bygone eras.  Pile on top of that our digital clutter, and add the weight of the amount of energy required to keep the servers running that store it all, and you may be inclined to throw your arms up in the air in despair.

Clutter and chaos engulf M. Gustafson Gervasi's home. 2019

To purge or not to purge, that is the question.  What kind of digital footprint to you wish to leave behind in perpetuity? Who should be in control of what you do leave behind.  Don't assume the loved ones you leave behind will clear it all up -- in some cases those user agreements we click without reading deny Personal Representatives (a.k.a. Executors) the power to delete social media accounts. 

IMHO an annual review of your estate plan is a wise policy.  What addresses have changed, who has died or been divorced.  What accounts are now defunct.  And....what social media or digital accounts should be deleted.

Thank you for reading.  As a reminder, a blog is not a substitute for legal advice.  It is meant to inspire thought and stimulate conversations.  Always consult with an attorney in your home state for legal advice.

If the link above did not provide the answer, it is A) 2070.

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