Sunday, July 19, 2009

Safer Homes For Seniors

Whether you are an independent senior or the child / grandchild of an independent senior, the topic of safety in the home is likely one you have or will research. Reading a recent NY Times article, Making Home a Safer Place, Affordably, I was surprised that there was not much of an industry out there for this type of service.

As Ms. Connelly learned, an entire service industry is slowly taking shape around the goal of letting people age in place. If you want to make your own home or an older relative or friend’s home a safer, more supportive place to live, here are basic guidelines to the most efficient and cost-effective approaches.
The article provides a nice overview of issues to consider when attempting to improve the safety conditions of a seniors home. If you live in Wisconsin, one resource to contact would be the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups.

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