Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Living Wills: A Parody and a Necessity

Recently I came across a 2005 New Yorker parody piece "Living Will" by Paul Rudnick. A great dose of humor to an otherwise difficult and sad topic. What is a living will? In Wisconsin they are also called a Declaration to Physician, which I feel is a much clearer title. Essentially it is a document that tells your medical team what you want to happen if you are in an "end of life" state. Without it your loved ones are left to guess, and those guesses may or may not be followed. Take care, put your wishes on paper, and it is a true gift to your loved ones.

If you still find it a hard topic to address, read Rudnick's piece, and then dive into yours. I personally love number 1 and 12.

Remember, a blog post is no substitute for an attorney. Please seek advice from a licensed attorney in your home state.

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