Monday, April 23, 2012

What I've Been Reading: The Medical Bill Survival Guide

Under 100 pages, The Medical Bill Survival Guide: easy, effective strategies for people experiencing financial hardship by Nicholas Newsad is a concise and easy read.  Divided into seven sections, it addresses:

  • things to know if you have insurance;
  • things to know if you don't have insurance;
  • getting oranized;
  • how to talk to billers;
  • and other issues.
Highlights I found were a clear overview of what it is and how to read an EOB (explanation of benefits) as well as hints on speaking with billers.  Things that seem to be missing are the roles of powers of attorney (finance and or health care).  Often the patient is not the one calling an insurance company; without proper paperwork HIPAA will prevent anyone else from discussing billing issues.  Also, given the historic changes to health care laws in 2011, I wonder what new federal laws would be important.  An updated version would be idea; this book was published in 2010.  

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