Thursday, April 19, 2012

Horrific Reaction to Indian Will: Father Kills Children

My line of work is not cheery, at least most days it is not.  Illness, death, and taxes dominates my work hours.  Part of that is spent reviewing developments in the area of estate planning and probate.  I was saddened to read this brief story out of India.  Upset over the fact that his father left property to his children instead of him, a man killed his young children (aged 4 and 3).

Clients always ask "can I do that" when they opt to make a non-traditional bequest.  Yes I tell them, this is your opportunity to take charge and do what you think is best.  Sadly, as this story points out, not everyone will agree with that decision.

After reading this, I need to find a more uplifting story!

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