Wednesday, April 25, 2012

$9 Million to The Sages College

Here is another example of charitable giving that makes the news; a single women, with no heirs, leaves $9 million to a college she attended for 2 years in the 1930s and did not even graduate.  The most interesting point I found in this article was the fact the college was surprised because the women only gave modest gifts during her lifetime.  That fact makes me think of two things:

  • people who make modest gifts are not necessarily broke -- don't judge a donor by the size of gifts; and
  • modest gifts may exemplify a frugal lifestyle, one that allowed her to amass or maintain $9 Million estate.
All too often charities seem to target "big spenders".  I find this odd. Unless you have seen the person's tax returns, you don't really know what they are worth.  There is the saying that people who look like they have money don't; they spent it all looking like they have money.  

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