Monday, November 26, 2012

An Estate Planning Attorney Watches The Descendants

I'll be the firs to admit it, if a movie stars George Clooney I don't need anything else to put it on my must-see list.  Prior to having children, I would have seen the film in a theater.  Since having kids, my cinema days are on hold and it is only every few months that I have the time to settle down and watch a film on DVD with my computer.  And so that was the scenario a few weeks ago.  Snuggled under a blanket, kids tucked into bed, and nothing pressing for the following day, I popped in a George Clooney film.

There was a vague knowledge that The Descendants had something to do with Hawaii, death, and a trust.  Little did I know I was about to spend near two hours immersed in issues I routinely handle at work.  Granted, I do not have clients with 25,000 acres of pristine Hawaiian land in a trust.  But advance directives, the concept of livings wills, accidents out of the blue, family members waiting on an inheritance, and the messiness of relationships all parade through my door.  And my mind.

Curious about the author who wrote the book it film was based upon, I've requested it from the library.  Sure, I could Google his background, but I have client mattes to attend to.  So I'll wait and read the author profile once it arrives.  Attorney?  Journalist?  Therapist?  Talented, that is what I know for certain.

For those curious about terms associated with estate planning, I highly recommend viewing The Descendants.  Beautifully filmed and acted, it also delivers clear concise explanations of the terms that are common to me, but not the general public.

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