Thursday, November 29, 2012

Intervention, by Richard Russo

It is not uncommon to find out an attorney is also a self-declared book worm.  A love of reading is almost a requirement to get one through three years of law school.  And most of us emerge from those three years with an even stronger desire to read, but to read things that are not about the law.  That was my case, but I have since resigned to the fact that my area of focus, illness, death and taxes creeps into the arts more often than not.

Case in point, while visiting the library recently I spied a slim novella on a shelf written by Richard Russo.  His earlier work, Empire Falls is a favorite of mine, so without thinking I dropped it in our check out bag and headed home.  Intervention is a total of 67 pages, , I thought to myself, wonderful -- a story I can get through in no time!  That turned out to be true (I finished it in two days), but by page 12 or so it was clear that the undercurrent to this story was a cancer diagnosis.  Entertainment?  Kind of, but it also reminded me of the emotional journey many of my clients and or their loved ones are taking.  Sadly it seems people are given a terminal diagnosis of cancer, and one of their immediate next steps is to call an attorney for a will.  While I am honored to serve them in a time of need, it weighs on a person.  So I try and leave office matters at the office, but that does not work all the time.  As it did while reading this story. Thankfully the focus in on personalities, a family feud, the difficult housing market, and not the medical drama.

No matter your reading preference, I highly recommend this book.  In the span of 67  pages Russo gives amazing life and depth to his characters.  And if I am correct, it is over the span of 24 to 36 hours.  Engaging, compelling, entertaining, and insightful.  Take the time and read this novella -- you won't regret it.

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