Friday, December 14, 2012

A Very Sad Day... Reading How to Talk With Children About Violence

December 14th has been a happy day in my life since 1984, the day my oldest nephew was born.  Sadly that joy is clouded today by the horrific news from Connecticut.  My mind had been mulling what to post, prior to hearing this news.  Once heard I forgot about my legal work and focused on my day with my children.  Ages 4 and 2, they are the focal point of my world.  Off we went to the zoo for fresh air, animal friends, and living in the moment.  Once home I saw a post on Facebook that I wanted to share with my readers.  It offers tips on how to speak with children about violence.  Sadly this is required reading for parents these days.

And the discourse about gun control will likely dominate and polarize our society once again.  My wish is that along with it, we hear for a call for increased access to mental health services in our nation.  Behind this unimaginable act was a very sick person, I write that not knowing anything about the shooter, but I have confidence that we will learn about an individual with mental health needs.

My heart and thoughts go to the parents in Connecticut who sent their children off to school this morning, but were not greeted with hugs and stories at days end.  And now I will log off and return to being with my two, very precious children.

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