Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where Should I Keep My Will?

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When working with clients we have a series of three meetings, all covered by a flat-fee.  That means they can pay attention to what I am saying and not worry about my billable hour and the hands on the clock.  It also means they can asks questions, lots of questions, and one that always comes up at the last meeting (the day they sign) is -- where should I keep my will?

My response is to direct them to my letter in their folder, suggesting a fire-proof safe kept in the home.  You know, those small ones you can get at an office supply store for about $45.  Some clients are a bit surprised, why not my safe deposit box at the bank?

The answer is simple.  The document that gives someone the power to get into the box is in the box.  And there you have it - a huge mess.  In my opinion, keep your document safe but accessible.  And that is where the home box comes in to play.

If that is not a comfortable or viable option, put it on file at your county courthouse. Here in Wisconsin a person can file a will, in a sealed envelope, for safekeeping.  The fee is $10.   I blogged about it earlier in the year. This may or may not be an option where you live, but it is worth exploring.

Thanks for reading, and remember a blog is not legal advice.  Please consult an attorney licensed in your state for advice specific to your situation.

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