Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hospice Cards & Hallmark

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When I see an article about Hallmark it grabs my attention.  Why? It was a part-time job at my local Hallmark chain that allowed me to earn money for my undergraduate tuition and living expenses.  As a result, I have a fondness for lovely greeting cards.  On-line cards are nice, inexpensive, and good for the environment.  But finding an actual card in the mailbox has a huge comfort boost.  And I always thought Hallmark has a card for everything: divorce, death of a pet, etc.

And then I see this article about a women lobbying the Greeting Card giant to create specific cards for those entering hospice care.  It asserts that the "get well soon" cards stop the moment hospice comes into the picture.  And apparently it took some time and the power of Twitter for the women to get the company's attention.  Reading the store I wondered why she did not create a line of cards herself, but she has chosen to lobby the company.

Personally I agree that some specific end-of-life card would be welcome.  Get well soon simply misses the mark when a terminal illness is approaching its end.  What do you think? Specific for hospice care, or is that pushing the envelope too far?

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