Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Capital City 5K!

Okay, so it is not quite Memorial Day, but this Type A attorney is busy putting healthy and inspiring events on the family calendar.  When you spend your working hours counseling clients on the ins and outs of illness, death and taxes, you need some uplifting things to look forward to.  And the Capital City 5K is fast becoming an annual favorite of mine.

Held on a Saturday evening, the event raises funds as well as awareness for those with chronic kidney disease or people requiring a transplant.  Unlike the testimonials on the events web site and blog, I have no personal connection to kidney disease; it is heart disease that spreads like wild wife in my family tree.  So why this event?

First, it is a 5k.  A doable run.  I'm an attorney, so I sit, a lot, too much.  I'm the mother of two little kids, so sleep is not plentiful.  While I admire those running a 10k, a half-marathon, triathlons, etc., I am realistic.  Training for a 5k is realistic, it is doable, it is not a burden.  And so it is my event of choice.

Second, it is a great Saturday night "date" night with my husband, who shares my enjoyment in running.  We are not the poster couple for Runners World, but we enjoy being outside and the runners high a 5k provides.

Third, this event is unlike most other 5ks, it ends with a pool party!  Here is how it works: you meet at the Goodman Pool in Madison, the event buses you to the Capital Square, you run (most of the time along the lake) back to the pool.  And once you are done, it is pool time.  Admission is included in the $35 registration fee.

Fourth, I serve many clients who either suffer from chronic kidney conditions, have received a transplant, or know someone who needs one.  Legal papers can only address certain issues, helping to raise awareness is just one more little thing I can do to support the people who trust me to be Type A and make sure "their papers" are in order.

And so there you have it, my reasons for signing myself and my husband up for the Capital City 5k.  Here is a link if you are interested in learning more or singing up!

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