Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Family Heirloom: A Teddy Bear From An Old Mink Coat

Working with a couple last week that are waiting the arrival of their first child, they told me about a baby gift I had never heard of before. One of their parents had taken an old mink coat to a company here in Wisconsin, and had it transformed into a lovely teddy bear for the baby due to arrive later this year.

A quick Google search turned up the company, Stadler Furs. What an innovative idea! Family heirlooms are always a tricky subject for families. This proves to be a lovely way to give an old item new life, and create something that can stay with the family for generations.

I'll have to mention it to my mom, although I'm not sure she is ready to part with her fur. She never wears it, but I'm not sure that means she is ready to turn it into a bear....but maybe.

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