Friday, October 21, 2011

Tithing Down At Main Stream Churches

This news blurb states that tithing (offering to a church) is down to its lowest level in the past forty years; in 2009, mainline Protestants gave 2.38 percent of their salary to churches. The article also points out that of offerings made to churches, most go to cover building and operating costs. Only 0.34 percent go to benevolent causes outside of the church. This represents half the level given in 1968 to charitable causes.

I found this article interesting because my husband and I often discuss the "needs" of our church, the First Unitarian Society of Madison. We have an amazing new addition to a Frank Lloyd Wright Building. But an equally amazing mortgage. There is much discussion of how to close the budget gap, but not nearly as much conversation about what UUs can do in the community. Apparently FUS is not alone.

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