Friday, January 13, 2012

Dr. Mike Evans - 23 1/2 Hours

This past week I was introduced to Dr. Mike Evan's YouTube video lecture, 23 1/2 Hours, through a post on Facebook.  What a great way to kick off the new year: it is an entertaining, concise, and motivating 9 minute clip about one very simple thing people can do to improve his or her quality of life.  Walk for 30 minutes a day. It does not need to be 30 minutes all at once.  Ten minutes here another 10 there, etc.  From depression to heart disease to cancer to bone density, walking offers improvements in all areas.  The most fascinating fact was that people who walked were better off than those who received a stent following a cardiac episode.

I have always been inclined to walk.  It is one of my favorite forms of exercise.  It requires little to no equipment, can be done at home or while vacationing.  You can go solo or with family and friends.  During my second pregnancy my blood sugars were running high and were controlled by limiting carbs in my diet and a 30 minute walk every evening.  Walking has been and will continue to be a constant in my daily life.

I spend my professional life working with people helping them take control of issues related to illness, death and taxes.  Some days are more stressful than others.  Walking - what a great way to combat that stress.  How about you -- how do you keep yourself healthy so those estate planning documents can remain in a safe place and not be used?

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