Friday, January 20, 2012

Very Charitable Celebrities

Forbes has an article listing the 30 most generous celebrities to non-profits in 2011.  I had never heard of either #1 or #2, but I don't have much time for entertainment these days.  It is amazing to see how much money some of these celebrities have given.  From athletes to writers to actors, the list is diverse.

#1 - Jami Gertz, Actress
#2 - Herb Albert, Muscian
#3 - Mel Gibson, Actor
#4 - George Lucas, Director, Producer, Writer
#5 - Nora Roberts, Writer

Click here for a complete list and to see the amounts donate.  Number one hits the seven figure mark!

I love the fact that these celebrities are putting the spot light on non-profits.  Don't let the six and seven figure donations stop you from making a difference.  In the life of a non-profit, every penny makes a difference.

Remember, it is best to consult with your attorney and our CPA for tax information on charitable donations -- not a blog post!  Happy giving everyone.

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