Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Recommendation: Smart at Heart by Malissa Wood

My personal interest in women's heart health was established on a fall day in 1991, the day my mother suffered a heart attack at age 47.  Twenty years later she is still walking the earth, but her heart problems continue to follow her.  With that in my history, I quickly consumed the information in Malissa Wood's, MD, book Smart at Heart: a holistic 10-step approach to preventing and healing heart disease for women.

Immediately Wood grabs the readers attention with a statistic that I had heard before, " 2006, over 430,000 women died from cardiovascular disease while about 270,000 died from various cancer -- public awareness is disturbingly low."  From there she outlines 10 areas where women can focus on making improvements:

  • physical health; 
  • emotional health;
  • stress management;
  • exercise;
  • nutrition;
  • relationships;
  • communication
  • environment;
  • mindfullness; and
  • modification.
Easy to read and full of simple, practical changes, the book is a must read for any women or anyone who cares about a women.  As an attorney, wife, business owner, mother of two young children, etc., stress piles up in my life.  While I focus on eating well and exercise, after reading this book I will be putting equal attention to smart management of my stress.  

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