Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding Wisconsin Probates On-Line

Open government and the digital age allow people to gain quite a bit of knowledge about probates, and even future probates.  Through the courts on-line record system, known as CCAP in Wisconsin, anyone can look up to see if a probate has been filed, or even if a will is on file at the courthouse (people can file it there for safekeeping prior to death).

Successful searches happen when you have the complete, correct, and full spelling of the person's last name.  I usually just put in the first initial of the first name.  You can limit searches by county; I use the county of residence.  And you can confirm if you have the right file by verifying the date of birth.

Open probates even have a list of all the papers filed in the matter; access by clicking the descending order button in the top right.  Click on printable version if you need a paper copy.

Please remember that blogs are not legal advice, but a forum for discussion.  Please consult a lawyer for advice specific to your situation.

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