Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green Burials in Taiwan

I came across this blurb on Radio Taiwan, reporting that the Government of Taiwan is encouraging the Taiwanese people to consider green burials.

"Ashes, if scattered beneath a tree or flowers, can help nurture the soil," said Huang. "And burials at sea are able to help undersea species. It's generous to do so as it shows your love of the earth and your willingness to save limited resources for the next generation."

Green burials are beginning to become more popular in the United States. Here in Wisconsin there is a non-profit devoted to supporting the green burial movement -- the Trust for Natural Legacies. They define green burials as:

Green burial, or natural burial, avoids non-biodegradable materials like metal caskets and concrete, and toxic embalming substances. This allows for natural decomposition, which respects the ecological cycles of life and death. Cemetery nature preserves (or conservation cemeteries) can also protect thousands of acres of important natural areas.

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