Friday, April 8, 2011

Woolen Caskets Across "The Pond"

Inspired by a 1667 law past by Parliament, a marketing intern in England hit on a new use for wool....woolen caskets.

The coffin's exterior is 100% British wool with six jute handles attached; the interior is lined with cotton. Each coffin also has an embroidered woolen nameplate. To keep it all natural, no dyes are used, so the coffins only come in two colors: white or brown. "There's a beauty about them; they're soft and comfortable-looking," Hainsworth says. But how biodegradable is wool? According to Hainsworth, one local farmer collects wool waste from the mill to fertilize his rhubarb fields. "It does rot down fairly well," Hainsworth says.

The TIME article does not mention distribution plans for the US, but I'm sure we'll fall suit soon.

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