Friday, April 8, 2011

Have You Pulled Out Your Will Lately? No, Maybe You Should

This afternoon I was chatting with a return client on the phone, an elderly man. A few years ago I drafted a power of attorney for finance for him and his wife. No, on the urging of his son, they want to meet with me about updating their will and exploring the possibility of a Transfer on Death Deed. I asked when he'd completed his prior will. He opened the envelope and exclaimed, "Oh my Goodness, it's signed but NOT dated!!!". Sadly, this is not the only time client of mine have discovered unsigned documents completed by other attorneys. In fact it is the second time in two months. Thankfully for me, I was not involved with the previous documents.....if so, I'd be reviewing my malpractice insurance materials. Lesson for you -- don't assume your documents are signed correctly, double check. And maybe triple check.

As always, it is never wise to read a blog for legal should consult an attorney. This post is meant for education and reflection.

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