Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Care Support Teams: Include a Pet Sitter

Last week my mother entered the Emergency Room, and as is usually the case in her situation, she was admitted and has had a lengthy stay.  Widowed, she lives alone with her two cats, one of which is diabetic and requires shots twice a day.  My mother's emergency hospital stay unveiled a gap in our family's care support team....a quality pet sitter.  We now have one, and I urge you to give this some advance thought if you or a loved one has a pet, especially one with special needs.  What will happen to the pet in the event of an unexpected hospital stay?   Here are a few tips on locating someone to join your team; contact:

  • a local rescue organization for names of pet sitters;
  • local veterinary school or vet tech program;
  • post a query on Facebook or other social media;
  • send an email to a list serve through your place of worship; and
  • post an ad on care.com.

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