Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Middle Class Philanthropy: Garage Sales and Giving

Whether it is during your life or at your death, philanthropic giving is within the reach of everyone through the art of a well designed garage sale.  They are great ways to give tangible items a second life, while clearing out your home or that of a loved one.  And, when done with a slight twist, promote your legacy.  Instead of pocketing the proceeds, designate them to a favorite charity.  Keep the following ideas in mind if you opt to try a sale for your favorite cause:

  • hold the sale in a high traffic area (busy road, ask a community center or church or school to donate space for the sale);
  • skip the pricing and simply ask people to make donations....it is for charity;
  • see if a local bagel shop or bakery will donate food to sell, or ask friends to bake items for sale;
  • sell brown garbage bags for $8 or $10 and allow people to fill them up for that price;
  • in the last 2 hours slash prices by 50% or more (if you are pricing);
  • have literature on hand about the charitable organization your are raising funds for;
  • offer a way for people to make a direct donation to the non-profit (i.e. computer on hand for on-line pledges); 
  • hold the sale in conjunction with another event associated with the cause, such as its annual 5k; and
  • have a donation center lined up for items that do not sell.
Have an idea I missed?  Post a comment and share.

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