Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I've Been Reading -- Confessions of a Surgeon

Over the long weekend I finished the book Confessions of a Surgeon: the good, the bad, and the complicated...life behind the OR doors by Paul A. Ruggieri, MD. 

It was a fantastic book!

Well written, honest, insightful, and a bit scary because it gives you a glimpse into the ORs of modern day America. I am very happy I read this AFTER having had two c-sections. I also found the book highly informative, and am now well armed with questions should I or a loved one need to hire a surgeon. For example, I want to know the surgeons complication rate for the procedure. If they respond "none" I now know they are a) lying to me to cover something up, or 2) have not done nearly enough of these to be a skilled surgeon. I certainly don't want to be their first complication. Through error wisdom is born.

The only negative thing about the book were a few parts where the author was recounting a conversation, often during surgery. To me the recount seemed more op-ed than the true form of an actual conversation. To the author's credit, I've read that conversation is one of the hardest things to write.

I highly recommend this book as it is both entertaining and informative!

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