Friday, September 21, 2012

Trivia Night to Benefit Dane County Libraries

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If trivia games are your thing, and you are a fan of public libraries, combine your passions and sign up for October 20th!  Teams are forming around Dane County, and funds raised from a fun night of trivia with benefit Dane County libraries.  Sadly my husband and I have other plans for the evening, otherwise we'd be forming a team.

If you are outside of Dane County or cannot attend, keep the following in mind as ways to support a great non-profit cause, your public library:

  • direct your personal representative to donate your book collection to a library for their "second hand" sales;
  • designate 10% of your life insurance to your local library system; or
  • if you are downsizing, hold a garage sale and advertise that all proceeds will be donated to the local library.
Remember, philanthropic behavior is not reserved for the mega-wealthy -- it is in reach of everyone.  Enjoy your weekend!

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