Monday, October 8, 2012

The Compassionate Brain - On-line Series for Free

A large portion of my non-work reading material has been focused on books associated with the power of meditation and other techniques associated with re-wiring the brain.  Essentially how to move from a world of rapid fire thoughts and anxious feelings to one of a more tranquil calm, living in the moment, focused on one thing.  It's a continuum that features extremes, but most people, myself included, hover near the center but desire to be a bit more to the calm side.

And I am not alone.  The book group I coordinate routinely mentions books on this topic (we call it book club with a twist, instead of everyone reading one book we simply gather at a coffee house or restaurant and report on what we've read in the past month.  No pressure, no guilt, pure enjoyment!).

Following our last meeting, someone shared a link about a free on-line series called The Compassionate Brain.  An eight-week series will explore the approach of eight different experts on the brain can transform the mind.  It will be broadcast at 8pm EST, and starts Monday, October 8th (today).  If, like me, that does not work with your schedule, you can listen to on-demand segments a few days after the broadcast.

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