Thursday, October 11, 2012

Looking Forward to National Philanthropy Day 2012

This year November 15th marks National Philanthropy Day.  Celebrated across the nation through luncheons, galas, award ceremonies, and seminars, it is a day to recognize those who have given from the heart.  And I am thrilled to be attending my very first National Philanthropy Day event right here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Scheduled for Friday, November 2nd at the Overture Arts Center will be a networking reception, luncheon and awards ceremony.

In a counter balance to the drafting I do for clients in the areas of estate planning and probate, I am also completing a book on how the middle class can also be philanthropic.  Giving need not be reserved for the tech billionaires we read out in the news.  As I put the finishing touches on my book, I'd love to hear stories from real world America.  What small gift made a difference in the life of a non-profit?  Please share, and inspire others.  And I might profile the story in my book!

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