Monday, June 27, 2011

What To Mention On Your Tangible Personal Property List

Most wills refer to a "list of tangible personal property"; which allows a person to keep a listing of personal items he or she would like his or her personal representative to distribute upon death. The list can be updated as needed, without an attorney. In essence, it is the legal equivalent to putting a post-it note on items.

So what should you include? Here are some of my thoughts:
  • photographs;
  • family heirlooms;
  • collectibles;
  • jewelry;
  • artwork;
  • furniture;
  • books;
  • musical equipment;
  • equipment for hobbies; and
  • anything else that you can pick up and carry that you would like someone specific to have or someone has specifically requested.
This form allows you to take control, and also allows the personal representative to carry out your wishes rather than being perceived as "taking charge".

What other items come to mind for this type of list?

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