Monday, June 13, 2011

You Don't Have To Be A Millionaire To Make A Difference

Recently I read an article in the Wisconsin State Journal about a local women who started a math scholarship at McFarland High School; the fund will support young women who excel in math. Sue Kosmo started the fund with $10,000; based on an stock investment she made as a teen (bought stock in Pepsi). After hearing about the story, Pepsi kicked in an additional $10,000.

These are not the numbers one usually sees with stories about charitable giving. Not hundreds of millions, but an amount most people can wrap their mind around. An amount within range of many more people.

Are there any non-profits out there who can share similar stories? Small bequests (under$50,000) that made a difference? If so, please contact me....I'm working on a book about how everyone can be a philanthropist!

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