Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Costs Rise

Out to dinner last night a group of friends started talking about the reality of college costs. The women who initially mentioned the costs has a son starting high school in the fall. When she discovered the current cost of college, all of a sudden four years until college did not seem like enough time to prepare. Reading the current cost of nursing home and assisted living care makes me think of the baby many of them know what a year in a nursing facility or assisted living will cost? Here are the numbers, reported by Geneworth's Cost of Care Survey survey:
  • $77,745 (in 2010) per year for nursing home care;
  • $39,135 (in 2010) per year for assisted living care; and
  • $49,777 (in 2010) median annual income for a household Americans (not defined by age range -- I wonder what it would be if you looked at those or at retirement).

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