Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flat Fee and Estate Planning

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When people hear I'm a lawyer they often make some comment about my hourly rate.  Sure, I have an hourly billable rate for my work related to probates, but not for drafting estate planning documents.  Why not?  Because I don't want clients looking at the clock, thinking "lord, she sure can talk a lot...this is costing a fortune!"  Instead I need them to be relaxed and talkative.  Over the course of a conversation little nuggets about their family, finances, and health will come out.  And some of those nuggets have an impact on what the documents I draft will say.  For example:

  • my daughter.....well she really isn't my daughter, she is my niece who I took in when she was 3 years old;
  • oh.....and there is the cabin in Minnesota that we own a half share of with my sister;
  • the date of my divorce, well technically we never finished the divorce, we just went our separate ways.
All true statements, and all drastically alter the approach to estate planning.

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