Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Organ Donation Meets Facebook!

Early May brought together a life-saving cause, on-line sign up for organ donation, with an internet gorilla, Facebook.  The end result, sky rocketing numbers of people signing up on-line, via Facebook, to become an organ donor.  Previously only 2 percent of new registrations were done on-line.  And if my math is correct, it was a 93 percent increase after the first day (from 400 registrants to 6,000).

The Facebook application allows adults in 22 states to consent to be an organ donor through an on-line registry.  Wisconsin offers one program; and I blogged about it last year.  My blog did not have the Facebook effect.  But getting the word out is important.

I am not the biggest fan of Facebook; it seems to bring out sophomoric behavior in otherwise lovely adults.  But the results of its latest application are wonderful.  Kuddos Facebook!

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