Thursday, May 3, 2012

Methods To Scatter Ashes

For many reasons it seems that more and more people are interested in cremation when their earthly time comes to an end.  My own father opted for this method when he approached his death in 2009.  But what to do with the ashes?  Here are six ideas that I found while reading about this topic:

  1. Green burial -- place the ashes, via an urn, in a grave and have them buried.  We opted to use this approach for my father.  He and my mother will share a single plot in a cemetery where my mother's relatives rest.
  2. Trench -- dig a shallow trench, deposit the ashes, and cover.  Apparently this is popular with beach burials;
  3. Scattering via the wind -- also known as casting, it is wise to check the direction of the wind before commencing;
  4. Scattering in the water -- there are even urns designed to float for a bit and then slowly sink;
  5. Create A Ring -- involves scattering the ashes around a favorite tree or object; and
  6. Scatter from an airplane -- will require you to obtain access to a plane, and may require professional assistance.

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Another idea is to use a combination of these methods to deposit ashes in a variety of places that were special to the decedent.  Finally, before acting, I urge you to learn about laws related to scattering of ashes in the state or country where you intend to make the deposit.  See a previous post to learn about scattering ashes in Wisconsin.  Remember, blogs are not legal advice, just a way to engage in conversation.  Did I miss a method?  If so, please post a comment.

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