Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Optimism, It's Good For Your Heart

Last month a Harvard review reported that being optimistic is good for your heart.  According to the study, optimistic people have half the risk of a first heart attack when compared with the least optimistic.  Apparently the stress associated with a negative attitude can lead to damage of arteries and the heart itself.  When more than 2,200 people die each day of heart disease, which works out to about 1 every 39 seconds, this is an important finding.  And given my family's history of heart disease, one I plan to pay attention to!

And if optimism does not come easily, here is a wiki with 6 steps to being more optimistic.  Number 5, remembering that life is short, is something I am reminded each day I am serving client's needs.  Take some time, enjoy the little things!

Image credit: photo taken by the author, June 2011

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