Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Email That Made Me Cringe

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Daily I find emails in my in-box addressed to "estate planning professional".  Most are trying to get me to attend a continuing legal education seminar or purchase on-line research tools.  Sadly, some are peddling marketing tools.  One such email arrived earlier this month, and I cringed upon reading it.

Greetings Estate Planning Professional,

Take advantage of our end of the month offer!  Our portal has opened for qualified estate planners & probate professionals that are interested in capturing the lucrative bereavement market.  See why over 500 of your peers have choosen to do business with our firm.

Ask yourself:

Is your firm receiving new clients on a regular basis?  If you are unsure, we can help.  Here are a few things to consider:...
"The lucrative bereavement market?  I highlighted it for your reading.  Beware.  Upon the death of a loved one, companies are lining up to tap into your pockets.  I've read that on average a person will plan one or two funerals over a lifetime.  That does not add up to a lot of experience or knowledge, and people can spend tens of thousands of dollars in a few hours.  Planning ahead allows you to take control.  Put your wishes in writing.  Use a form to appoint who should make arrangements (Wisconsin's form is here).

This email was trying to get me to pay a fee to a research engine, giving my name to families with a death that need a probate attorney.  I've deleted the message.  My advertising consists of providing quality service to my clients and speaking at seminars.  From that comes referrals and return clients.  I counsel families, I don't target a bereavement market.  Ahhh, the things that pass before an attorney's eyes during the day.

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