Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taking A Turn -- Illness, Death and Taxes, a Lawyers View

Today's date, June 21st, marks the most significant life event for me, the day I married my husband.  So, it seems fitting that today, on the 21st of June, that I take this blog in a new direction.  Until now the posts have been informative, educational, and at times funny or sad.  Useful, yes, I'm certain that most have been useful.  But I have felt that something was missing.  That something was me.   There was not enough "Melinda" in the posts.  There were okay, but not the "great" I aim for.

Going forward from today the posts offer my personal thoughts and observations on illness, death and taxes.  Being an estate planning and probate attorney means I view life through a different lens.   I'd like you to see what I see.  Enjoy the turn in the road I am taking.

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