Friday, June 15, 2012

What I've Been Reading: Understanding Philanthropy: It's Meaning and Mission

In addition to client meetings and drafting documents, I devote time to researching and writing a book on charitable giving.  During that process I recently read the book Understanding Philanthropy: It's Meaning and Mission by Robert L. Payton and Michael P. Moody.  Overall, it is a comprehensive look at the role of philanthropy from ancient to modern times.

Extensive attention is given to what philanthropy means, and the role it plays in society, especially contemporary America.  Confirming my belief that one does not have to be a Kennedy to be philanthropic, the authors defined philanthropy as voluntary action for public good.  Moreover, I strongly agree with their statement that too much of fundraising is spend focusing on the how and not enough on the why.

Both highly academic and dense, it is an enjoyable and entertaining read for anyone interested in learning more about philanthropy.

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