Friday, July 13, 2012

Australia's Carbon Tax and the Dead

Life is stranger than fiction, we all know that.  Yet, I was thrown a bit earlier in the week when I read an article out of Australia.  In an effort to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint, the government began implementing a "carbon tax".  Even the dead won't escape it, in fact, death triggers a carbon tax.

Yes, a $55 fee was tacked on to a burial bill for the newly deceased.  I understand charging a fee, but seriously, does the government think people will stop dying to avoid the fee?  I'm being somewhat silly here, but I do wonder, what behavior are they hoping to change?  Is it to encourage green burials, cremation, etc.?

I posted a comment on the blog, but have not heard anything more.  It is comforting to know that bizarre government policies are not solely a product of the good ole US of A.

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