Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What If You Live to 150?

What if?  It's a question I pose to clients all the time.  What if you die first?  What if your child predeceases you?  What if you have a stroke and cannot operate your business?  So naturally, what if you life to 150 years caught my attention when reading Sonia Arrison's book 100+: how the coming age of longevity will change everything, from careers and relationships to family and faith.

The book was not as gripping as I had hoped, but it did set in motion several thoughts.  What will need to change in the area of retirement savings as people's life spans continues to increase.  Will retirement even happen?  Also, what will families begin to look like?  Will there be larger and large gaps between the ages of children if fertility is extended?  Will there be more and more blending of families and third and fourth marriages happen.

Life spans have already increased 40 years since the turn of the century.  What if -- living longer is a nice thing to consider given the questions I usually pose to clients.

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