Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I've Been Reading: The Generosity Plan

If a career in the law tempts you, make sure you enjoy research as well as reading.  And I mean lots of reading, dense reading!  And I do, both are a joy of mine.  Now that law school days are well behind me, I still seek out changes to research, read, and write.  Currently I am working on a book about how anyone can leave a legacy.  As part of my research I read a wonderful book, The Generosity Plan: Sharing your time, treasure, and talent to shape the world by Kathy LeMay.

Organized into ten chapters, LeMay jumps off with her story.  Similarities in our backgrounds struck me.  Both of us shared modest backgrounds and an intense desire to do good for the world.  She then takes you through self-exploration and ends with a plan on how to improve the world.  Concise, filled with examples, and useful ideas, you want to put the book down and go make a difference.

Unlike my focus (giving at death), LeMay has countless ways for someone with little to no financial resources to start a giving plan.  Ideal for those just out of college, working in careers that do not offer steep financial rewards, or parents who want to start kids on the giving path young -- it works for everyone.  After reading the book, my husband and I have decided to "highlight" one charity each month for our children.  We'll donated time or money and put a flier or ad on our children's bulletin board.

If you are looking for an antidote to the depressing news of our time, pick this book up.  There is good in the world, and all of us have the ability to enhance it just a bit more.

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